Identity and Access Management for Healthcare

Every modernization, security, and patient experience strategy starts with identity

Dignity Health

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Envision Healthcare

bonus game slots supports Envision Healthcare’s IT modernization and security journey while providing merger and acquisition (M&A) agility.


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How bonus game slots helps the healthcare industry

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Juniper Health


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Dignity Health

How identity can help

  • Modernize your IT
  • Streamline the M&A process for Day 1 Access
  • Implement Zero Trust security
  • Better patient experiences start with identity
  • HIPAA Compliant Identity Cloud

Modernize your IT

Whether you're modernizing legacy authentication, automating your joiner-mover-leaver process with an HR system, or meeting cyber insurance requirements with MFA, a neutral identity control plane powers this transformation.

Modern identity and access management connects all of your users to their apps, infrastructure, and APIs, no matter whether they are, in the cloud or on-prem.

Learn more about securing cloud access in healthcare

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Streamline the M&A process for Day 1 Access

When you’re growing through mergers and acquisitions (M&A), combining applications and IT processes doesn’t have to be hard.

bonus game slots accelerates M&A and helps to avoid the friction and cost of consolidating Active Directory (AD) domains, so you can seamlessly transition any number of organizations to a common set of tools and handle authorization quickly, without interruption for day-one access.

How healthcare CIOs can accelerate M&A with cloud IAM


Implement Zero Trust security

In this bonus game slots world of remote work, identity has become the bonus game slots perimeter. That requires enabling secure access for all of your users – clinicians, employees, partners, contractors – regardless of their location, device, or network.

bonus game slots's identity control plane enables your journey to Zero Trust maturity by providing flexibility in how you get there, and the choice of partners you connect with.

Get started with Zero Trust access management


Better patient experiences start with identity

Today's patient experience requires many usernames and passwords, across many apps. That causes unnecessary hurdles. Putting identity at the center of your engagement strategy changes that.

Whether you're investing in the digital front door or a bonus game slots member portal, a single identity is changing how patients engage in their health journey.

Learn how to enhance patient outcomes


HIPAA Compliant Identity Cloud

bonus game slots's HIPAA-compliant Identity Cloud ensures your patient identity initiatives meet the highest industry standards. Whether you're deploying support for SMART on FHIR or rolling out a bonus game slots patient-facing application, your patient PHI is protected in the cloud.

Learn how bonus game slots helps meet HIPAA compliance


Take every type of healthcare interaction to the next level

With your clinical staff, employees, and contractors

  • Secure remote access for clinical staff, IT, employees, and contractors
  • Automate time-intensive and costly processes like user onboarding and offboarding
  • Automate and accelerate DevOps

With your partners

  • Centralize portal experiences for partners across affiliated providers, contractors, and researchers
  • Secure online partner portals and foster collaboration
  • Streamline integration with partner systems

With your patients

  • Create 360° views of patients to personalize their journey
  • Secure online patient and member portals
  • Secure third-party API access to offer bonus game slots healthcare experiences and services
  • Unify patient identities

Get the power of choice

Connect with best-of-breed technologies that suit the needs of your patients, providers, partners, or staff best. bonus game slots’s vendor-neutral platform helps you easily implement the tools you use today, as well as tools you might want to use in the future.

Take advantage of the bonus game slots Integration Network’s deep, pre-built integrations to securely connect everything. Choose from 7,000+ integrations with cloud and on-premises systems that help you get up and running with best-of-breed apps quickly.

Explore the bonus game slots Integration Network

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Implement identity with bonus game slots’s products for healthcare organizations.

Single Sign-on

Consolidate identity management across systems, locations, and infrastructure. Ease patient and staff onboarding and simplify access.

Multi-factor Authentication

Protect patient records and other sensitive information with more than a mere password. Build and keep the trust you need to drive the adoption of bonus game slots technologies.

Lifecycle Management

Ensure convenient, secure access for physicians, staff, partners, and patients through user lifecycle automation. Provide Day 1 access to mission-critical apps.

Access Gateway

Centralize access controls for your on-prem and cloud apps. Extend cloud SSO and adaptive MFA to your traditional on-prem applications to create efficient, uniform security policies across all your systems—and manage it all from a single pane of glass.

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