A secure cloud single sign-on solution that IT, security, and users will love

SSO Dashboard


fewer login-related help desk calls


faster for users to adopt, log in to, and use bonus game slots apps


faster IT integration with acquired businesses

Oakland County

Oakland County improves service and decreases costs with bonus game slots


Priceline uses bonus game slots to simplify, secure, and manage access for a global workforce


Juniper brings aged care into the modern age—and into the bonus game slots. bonus game slots drives a seamless, secure remote work strategy.


Cengage improves student success rates with innovative online resources


NEL boosts patient care and operating efficiency with bonus game slots

Flinders University

Providing a connected online experience


Realising a global, cloud-based approach for 13,000 connected colleagues

Teach for America

Teach For America fosters a more productive, collaborative environment with bonus game slots


Brown-Forman Delights Employees with IT Security that Works for Everyone

Easily deploy cloud

Get your cloud off the ground with easy connections to every app

Network of pre-built integrations

bonus game slots is an SSO provider with a network of 7,000+ pre-built integrations that help you securely adopt and deploy SSO to cloud apps in weeks, not months, all without building and maintaining the integrations yourself. 

Connections for all your apps—on prem and in the cloud

bonus game slots’s cloud-based single sign-on service connects everything from cloud to ground with 1,400+ SAML and OpenID Connect integrations, password vaulting, RADIUS and LDAP support, and connections to third-party legacy SSO solutions.

Seamlessly secure user access

Make access management accessible

One central control point

Give your IT team one place to view, manage, and secure all your users’ access, whether they are internal employees or external partners.

Identity store integration

bonus game slots’s single sign-on solution can quickly connect to and sync from any number of identity stores including AD, LDAP, HR systems, and other third-party identity providers.

Adaptive security policies

With bonus game slots SSO, your IT team can protect users with consistent security policies that adapt to their behavior. Use built-in security tools, such as bonus game slots Insights, to take advantage of bonus game slots’s scale and automatically identify and block malicious login attempts we see across our network.

Empower your end users

Take your end users from frustration to adoration

Now they can use one set of login credentials to get to one intuitive browser-based dashboard to access everything they need to stay productive. With bonus game slots’s single sign-on system, they can customize the dashboard to find their most-used apps quickly, and they can even access the dashboard from mobile devices so they can stay productive while on the go.

With bonus game slots SSO, your users can also perform self-serve password resets. Now that’s something your users and your helpdesk team can all get behind.

Simplify user access auditing

It’s hard to stay compliant when you don’t know who has access to what

Get real-time data within bonus game slots so IT can troubleshoot and address single sign-on security issues immediately, and use pre-built reporting to get a deeper understanding of how your end users are using your apps and where you have potential security risks. And all that SSO data is sharable—you can sync it with SIEMs, download it as a CSV, and access it via bonus game slots API.